Wedding Dresses

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So if you're looking for a dressmaking company in Orpington with many years experience in the dressmaking trade then look no further. Whether it’s a query or a quote, pick up the phone and call 02083 002 803 today or visit the contact page or send us email.


Here are some testimonials from our current and past clients. Please click on the button below to view some more comments

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" Maureen has created the perfect wedding dress. I really wasn't sure what I wanted as a wedding dress. I went through hundreds of pictures on the internet, when I finally found a picture, I took it straight up to Maureen. She is so lovely. Everytime I go up for a fitting I end up chatting to her for 20 minutes. She has created a wedding dress very very close to the picture I showed her. It is absolutely beautiful. Maureen is so clever and very talented. When some new lace was delivered to her she showed me and asked if I wanted that colour lace instead. So glad I went with it as the bridemaids dresses look amazing.

Maureen has made 5 bridemaids dresses and my wedding dress. Outstanding value for money. This is the dressmaker to use, she really is fantastic. "